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about Genny Entezari

Biographical background for Genny Entezari and how she began to paint and create.

About Genny

Hello and welcome! Here to find out how and why I started painting?

I began painting and creating mixed media out of a very primal need to make something by hand.

In 2009, while my young son took long naps, my tank was filled with creative juice - I wrote prolifically on my mom-blog and posted photos of my young son. At this time, I had a "room of my own" and created toddler clothes and paper-cut cards.

One day, I had a creative epiphany when I walked past an art store window and saw a work of mixed media art. Nursing the loss of a recent friendship, I began healing the heartache by getting lost in the flow of mixed media. I was captivated by the three-dimensional quality of the pieces, but after a time I put the gel mediums and paper scraps aside.

In 2015, after a mixed-media dry spell, I discovered Intuitive art on the wall of a friend's house where I had another creative epiphany. I remember the moment as feeling overwhelmed by how fun and colorful the piece was, and didn't appear to adhere to any strict rules. It was playful and joyful to look at, and most importantly, it was INSPIRING. I brought out the acrylic paints I’d used in those mixed media days and breathed new life into them and I’ve been painting ever since.

I took intermittent breaks from creating between 2009 - 2012 to get a Master's degree in Public History from CSU Sacramento. While I enjoyed learning the myriad of ways to tell stories about people’s history, in 2014, my husband, son and I moved to Portland and it was necessary to become a full-time, stay-at-home mom. From home, I was able to pursue my art, and eventually it won out over Public History. I hope that my years of writing experience and my time creating exhibits in a local history museum come in handy with the writing, exhibiting, and label-making aspects of being an artist.