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Last stop in Taos, New Mexico

"Last Stop in Taos" 24x36 - SOLD (prints available)

Last Stop in Taos

Intuitive Landscape of New Mexican Desert

by Genny Entezari

In the summer of 2017, my husband, son and I took advantage of the free pass for 4th graders for all the National Parks. We bought a pop-up camper and a tow package and made our way around the western half of the U.S., stopping at (too) many of the National Parks.

One of my favorite places was New Mexico I loved the houses in the desert landscape and had time for one museum and only one museum – any guesses? Yes of COURSE it was the Georgia O’Keefe museum.


 I wanted to buy turquoise in Santa Fe, and although I was tempted to buy from vendors in the plaza in Santa Fe, our hosts told me to wait til I got to Taos. So I did.


Unfortunately, we arrived in Taos late in the day on Sunday, and the only places to buy turquoise were tourist shops in the town center. We stopped at a hobbit-hole in the wall cafe where the man who worked there sold me some freshly made kombucha. First, he tested it by taking a sip from a jar which he then offered to me (yes, from the same jar). Hmmm….uniquely friendly!

Super disappointed about the lack of turquoise choices though, and chided myself for not buying in Santa Fe!

But!! On the way out of town the next day as we headed north over the Gorge Bridge towards Colorado, I found turquoise!  

There were several vendors on the bridge. I fell in love with a type of turquoise that the maker called "fairy tale turquoise" or something like that (wish I'd written it down!). It is a blue-green turquoise. These earrings are set in silver with the tree of life emblem above triangular dangles of turquoise. Love ‘em. Wear ‘em every week.

Anyway, that was our last stop in Taos.

The turquoise earrings I found as we left Taos over the Gorge Bridge

The turquoise earrings I found as we left Taos over the Gorge Bridge