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Adventures with SEO and the Google Roomba Vacuum (aka Google Console)


SEO adventures with my art biz website

SEO and the Google Roomba Vacuum (AKA Google Console)

Two days ago, when I was almost done with my website (except SEO and applying a few tweaks here and there) I clicked “connect” to Google Console.

 I had no idea what I’d just set in motion.

I realized quickly though that this meant Google was now scheduled to scan my site for indexing, for which I. Was. Not. Ready.

I instantly chatted up Squarespace and begged them to “please help me undo it!” But they couldn’t fix it for me.

After all this time building it (on and off for 9 months) and I was going to have to RUSH to the finish line? Crap. This was not how I envisioned the end game of this website-build.

I suddenly envisioned the Google Console Index scan like one of those robot Roomba vacuums that moved randomly across websites, bumping into edges of the page, highlighting and duplicating keywords and gloriously-worded tidbits under its vast robotic body and sucking them all up and into their golden, secret index.

I imagined this happening on my perfectly SEO’d site: intuitive art lovers across the world would then type in the PERFECT matching keywords and find my site instantaneously (so I exaggerate just a little here).

The feeling that I was going to lose out on the first round of indexing was sheer panic! Ridiculous FOMO panic!! – the Google ROOMBA would come for my words within 72 hours

BUT: that meant that there was still time. Still time to tidy things up. Still time to SEO and keyword the crap out of my intuitive art website. Even though I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing. I just did it anyway.

I followed the ideas I found on Squarespace for SEO (ok, I had done a tiny amount of research on SEO prior to this, so it wasn’t totally foreign) and some instructions I found on another random site. And I have NO IDEA if I did it right, but I SEO’d the crap out of my site over the next 24 hours (at least I think I did). It was my best under the circumstances

My Squarespace chat guy did tell me one thing that made me feel better: that I could later ask Google to re-scan my site, but it might take them awhile. So, that’s something.

The lesson here? Sometimes self-imposed deadlines aren’t enough. There’s literally NOTHING like the deadline of a machine coming for you that makes you FOCUS. If I hadn’t accidentally signed up for the Google console, it would’ve taken me DAYS to complete the SEO. I would have lollygagged and prepared at least 17 cups of Earl Gray tea with honey and coconut milk to help me through it. 

Sometimes it is really helpful to actually do something to force me to finish something quickly. I can always go back later, clean it up and invite the indexing folks back for another visit. They’ll come eventually.

Oh, and from now on, I’ll remember to double check that clickable shiny object so I know what I’m clicking on before I connect a random cool looking application to my website, because I’ll remember the Google Roomba.